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  Our Mission is to help folks improve their lawns and gardens, and support local, sustainable agriculture. We produce turf grass; row crops; straw; organically grown garden plants and produce; and compost bins made from recycled materials. 


 A Family Company. Echota Venture Family  Farms is co-owned  by three  siblings and our  dad. Farming operations  are in north  Madison  County,  Alabama and  south Lincoln County,  Tennessee. Our family  has lived and farmed in  the Tennessee  Valley area for  at least 8  generations (since before the Civil  War!) and  include  Cherokee Indians, the original    Agriculturalists  of the region. The  descendants    of the few Cherokees who  remained/returned  to   the  area after  the Indian Removal  Act  and the  Trail of Tears became  known as Echota    Cherokees.    

Like many multi-generational farms in these parts, our family has traditionally grown row crops (cotton, corn, wheat, and soybeans), raised   animals, and gardened. 

Farming is in our blood! It's our heritage, trade, and livelihood. We're proud of our history and connection to the land, and we believe the future of farming depends on supporting   local, sustainable agriculture. 


 Photos.  Top:  Aunt & nephew walk barefoot on Fescue. Left: Ana, Chris, Josh, & Amber with the sod digger on "The Tennessee Farm" Right:  Great Grandpa Harris poses in his Sunday Clothes with his mule c.1940 on "The Tennessee Farm"